Founder & Principal Designer

Phoebe is an accomplished, multi-faced artist and designer with over 15 years experience in the visual communications industry. Her love of design is an innate one – she is simply driven to create through the design process in everything she does. Design ideas come from within, where form follows function but is always executed in an innovative and purposeful way. This has extended into her life in the form of product invention, digital art, gardening, paper craft, printmaking, and woodworking. The common thread is the inner drive for excellence in every discipline.

Although she has studied art throughout her entire life, she is largely self-taught in computer applications and skills. She has real-world-tested experience in the most demanding roles as both freelancer in agencies and one-woman show in business. Extensive mastery of print design and a practical yet creative get-it-done disposition has lent her to be a leader among peers.

Phoebe has a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University in Communications with a concentration in Art. She laughingly likes to say that she had no idea those areas would translate into exactly what she does.

Favorite tools include x-acto knife, dozuki, and sizable sense of humor.

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