Project Description

CMF Global came to Pantages Studios with a pre-existing logo… they’d spent much effort through a seemingly difficult process elsewhere to get to what they had, and didn’t want to add anything to that process. However, the total company i.d. doesn’t end at just the logo; they still needed a finely-tuned corporate branding. Hence, over the course of many pieces of literature, we established a clean, positive, and bright look to complete the total brand picture.

The overall look had to be technical, but accessible. Using the green and blue colors from product literature, a main graphic icon was created using curved shapes which give the impression of looking down the opening of a pipe. White curved pin striping accents the impression of “swirling” water motion.

We also created a logo system for the CMF line of products. The AquaFuse® logo was initially created for their dominant proprietary product. The client specifically requested using the same logo form, with different wording for their other products. While a more diverse choice may have been to create separate but related logos, we differentiated the copies by giving each product line its own color-coding, which was then carried through to product literature.

The set of three related websites were then added to the identity set. The main CMF Global site, with its fresh modern look and functionality, serves as the primary point of contact for online presence. AquaFuse and CorrDrain websites followed in suit, using the color systems established in logo formation.