Project Description

We are thrilled every year to design Photography by Desiree’s catalog featuring high school senior photography. This catalog is distributed at over 20 Ft. Collins, CO area high schools, as well as used as a general marketing piece and showcase of this talented photographer’s art. Pantages Studios was solely responsible for the design, development, layout, and choices of select photos and their arrangement and prominence on the pages. We also created the concept behind each page’s layout theme, crafted the corresponding headlines, and utilized mastery of color to unify and define each page. Some of the unique challenges in creating this catalog are creating a unifying design which does not over-shadow the photography itself; creating a harmonious layout incorporating lots of visual elements; balancing different photograph styles (horizontal, vertical, portrait, full-body, etc.); making each spread work together and within the framework of the catalog; and unifying color of layout and photograph while still offering interest and variety.

Working with such fabulous photography is always a pleasure! And so is the client’s total faith in our creative control over the entire concept and design. The result is a vibrant but clean, trend-forward piece which enhances the beautiful photography.