Comcast is the largest home Internet service provider in the United States. The average cost of renting a modem is $10 a month, or $120 a year. There is a list of bad modems out there to avoid. Its max downstream is a solid 686 Mbps, and its max upstream is 131 Mbps. Hello, I purchased a Netgear CM1000 because it was in the list of approved devices for my 500mbps speed. It is regarded as one of the best routers around, and the Netgear CM700 is its angular modem equivalent. I’m looking at pairing the MB8600 with either the ASUS RT-AC5300 or Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000. With his advanced computer knowledge, he founded StickyStatic to help others make the right choice when it comes to tough networking decisions. I do intend to get Xfinity internet 150MBS in a couple of days. That's $168 over a full year. • [Business] Uncapped PB on 22/5? It has a single gigabit ethernet port so it only connects to one router, but this is fine for 90% of most home Internet setups. I appreciate your advice, I know it will save me alot of reading and research, thanks in advance. If you have a 100 Mbps or slower service plan with Xfinity, then this modem is at the ideal performance point. The AC5300 or Orbi Mesh would be ideal but I would not go any lower. DOCSIS 2.0 & 3.0 specify 6.4 MHz, but can use the earlier, narrower channel widths for backward compatibility. Save $10 a month forever, no more rental fee. Even if you do find your gear made suddenly obsolete, getting a new modem is still cheaper than another year of rental fees. I’m wondering if I should upgrade my equipment and to what? Downstream Bonded Channels Channel Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR 1 Locked QAM256 9 507000000 Hz 0.8 dBmV 43.3 dB 910448170 5 0 2 Locked QAM256 1 459000000 Hz 0.8 dBmV 43.7 dB 909266507 0 0 3 Locked QAM256 2 465000000 Hz 0.8 dBmV 43.6 dB 909271703 0 0 4 Locked QAM256 3 471000000 Hz 0.8 dBmV 43.7 dB 909275358 0 0 It pays to be popular. You do not need to buy anything else for this to work with Comcast internet. We recently moved into a 3 story townhome (1700 sq ft). It is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant and it is also backward-compatible with older DOCSIS standards. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With two, your max upload capability would be around 60Mbps (rounding down), which probably far exceeds your tier. You may buy your own. Most people never get anything over 200 Mbps. Which would you recommend? I’ll be buying the c7100v, but not looking forward to shelling out the $300 to get it…yikes…, Everyone is telling me to get a mesh system. Now you know why it’s cheap and powerful making it the best replacement for Xfinity WiFi. Choosing between a modem, router, or combo gateway can be confusing, so we will also cover this topic in-depth to provide you with the knowledge needed to make the right choice for your situation. The ASUS Wireless AX is about as top of the line as you can get when it comes to the new line of routers. If you are going for the cheapest modem, the Netgear CM500 will work up to 200 Mbps. It sports a max downstream of over 1000 Mbps. They know this call very well and will not be giving you trouble. 3) Can I just use the C7000v2 as a modem and add a more reliable router to save some $$? Hello! Xfinity sent a tech and their device does just fine with speeds over 500 Mbps. It's not hard to see that buying is the right move in a majority of situations. This modem is compact and thoroughly ventilated, which means it will silently disappear into the corner of your room while you enjoy flawless Internet service. Would the TP-Link AC5400 and MB8600 be a compatible and effective combo? How do I install my cable modem?You don’t have to do anything. After reading your articles, we decided to go the separate router modem setup. But as I’ve already mentioned, a modem won’t reach its max download speed if you don’t pay for the bandwidth you need to do so. Here are the download speed results from my self-bought replacement modem. The queens need chops to slay this week’s challenge in RuPaul’s Drag Race, airing tonight, Feb. 19, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1. I stumbled upon your site, absolutely awesome. Plus, it was designed to withstand power surges. Just note that Asus support isn’t always the most helpful, and their warranty is only one-year instead of two. Previous bonding methodologies resided at lower OSI layers, requiring coordination with telecommunications companies for implementation. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. These are the reasons why. We have a one-story with a finished basement and I’d like to maximize our streaming. If it is a centralized location with coverage in both directions, the standalone will be great. Dave. They are approved with all Comcast speed tiers from Performance to Blast, and Gigabit. You can disable its built in router and use your Orbi. Sound easy? Comcast's cable modems use eight channels, making the technical limit a little over 300Mbps. Noise is a problem in those frequencies. This makes this cable modem a future-proof product that should be useful for other ISPs once they officially support the DOCSIS 3.1 protocol. They are approved replacement devices authorized for use with Comcast Xfinity internet. That’s because they are behind the stealth bomber-inspired Nighthawk line of gear. Approved on all major Cable Internet Providers like Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, Mediacom, Suddenlink, etc. I did speed test and I was able to clock 936 mbps. Of course you can get that rental unit, bridge it and use your own router but you’re still paying the monthly fees. Click to see full answer. ... 16x4 bonded channels … Also my Ethernet light on the modem is always amber color, meaning it is putting out a 10-100mbps signal. It helps you to get optimum data transfer speeds from your current Internet service plan using eight download and four upload bonded channels on the CM3008 modem. What modem and router do you recommend for a 2100 sq ft 2-story house? But then again, you never know when you live out in the countryside. Hi, we will soon be cutting the cord for everything but internet through Xfinity. It is simple and intuitive for even the nonskilled. In respect to this, what is a bonded upstream channel connection? Thank you, Rosanne. Evidence has also surfaced since last November that the MSO is beginning to bond up to eight channels in the downstream. Why not offer 300Mbps? Do not get a voice modem if you do not have to because it cost extra. Also, a desktop computer and wireless printer along with the previously mentioned items and not all is used at once. The SB8200 is capable of downstream bonded channels up to 32 SCQAM or 2 OFDM and upstream bonded channels up to 8 SCQAM or 2 OFDMA (32x8 SCQAM and 2x2 OFDM). We upgraded to the Gigabit package and the buffering issue is progressively getting worse. Hi I just upgraded my Wi-Fi with Comcast from 100 mbps to 1000 because of my sons gaming and 3 laptops and 5 iPhones are old one was very slow now my existing modem router combo Comcast said it’s not strong enough so I’m trying to figure out what I need to get and if the combo is ok or better to get separate modem and router I need help finding the right ones please. A no-name manufacturer like SMC Networks may seem like a questionable choice against the most trusted names in networking. If you don’t have a computer, you can use the Web browser of a Wi-Fi device such as a smartphone or tablet. Some 3.2 and a few 6.4. uniqs 1857: Share « What's wrong with this picture? We just moved into a new home, contacted Comcast, got an appointment set up for this past Monday. Save $10 a month on Comcast internet bill.If you stop renting your modem from Comcast, you will save $10 a month. Based on prior comments, I’m not considering the TP-Link AC5400. With that old modem and those speeds, you’ll be forced to get a better modem. I had Comcast long ago and quit, then quit Dish Network too lol. When it comes to stand-alone cable modems, the best choice for you will be whatever one matches your download speeds. The modem alone without a router. It is the only DOCSIS 3.1 modem approved for Comcast Gigabit speeds. The Cisco DPC3008 Cable Modem offers reliable performance at a value price, making it an easy pick for those who are buying a modem to save on monthly fees. With a combo unit, the whole thing must be replaced. Is there anything I can do about the unlocked channels without buying a new modem? Should I get a separate modem and router. Not only is it the best modem, but it is also required for Xfinity Gigablast Speeds. You need any modem that will support speeds over 300mbps with a router to support it. If you don’t plan on getting Gigabit, then the current best DOCSIS 3.0 modem choice would be the Netgear CM600. Upstream on most HF plants are limited to the 20mhz to 42 mhz range or less. Xfinity tech came and changed out modem/router to their top of the line latest model (Xfinity XBST). Day 3, one more upstream channel dropped and only one upstream channel remained bonded. Also, regarding the Orbi, we put a satellite near the Xbox to boost the performance. In a theorhetical sense, each upstream channel is capable of providing around 30Mbps. I am not sure when that happened, but in the last week my problems actually got worse. This small and boxy modem delivers 640 Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps upstream at a competitive price. Should I get a modem and router combined (if so what are the recommendations) 3. To get rid of your rented modem, all you need to do is call Xfinity and tell them you want to drop off your rented modem at the nearest Service Center. It includes an AC-band WiFi router to project your wireless network through your home. After more than 6 phone calls, Xfinity has no resolution to this problem. The Asus CM-16 is a relatively new addition to the list of Xfinity modems and it performs just as well as top picks like the Arris SB6190 while being a bit cheaper. In fact, many of my more experienced readers reached out when I first published this article to mention that the SB6190’s Puma 6 chipset caused problems when it first came out in 2017. Yes as mentioned above, for a modem router combo capable of speeds over 500Mbps, you will have to get the C7800. It’s been working great for about 9 months but lately has been dropping signal and been very unreliable. We have xfinity 150mbps and a Netgear N300 C3000 modem router combo. See your options below. We have 3 IPads, 2 iPhones, a smart tv, 1 android phone, an Xbox, and three laptops. These 2.0 Bonded converted internet to the coax where it is split to every coax cable in the house. Not a gigantic house but many people in it with lots of wifi needs. We recommend two devices over the combo modem with wireless built-in. Arris SVG2482AC Modem-Router with Telephony Adapter. Should I get a modem and wifi mesh (if so what are the recommendations). Good luck, please feel free to ask questions below! We do not need phone or any thing else. As for the XBOX, I myself would hardwire if I could. I’m just about to purchase either the 300 or the 600 Xfinity plan in my area, and don’t want to lease their modem. Upstream Bonded Channels Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power 1 Locked ATDMA 13 5120 Ksym/sec 19300000 Hz 40.3 dBmV 2 Locked ATDMA 14 5120 Ksym/sec 25700000 Hz 41.5 dBmV 3 Locked ATDMA 15 5120 Ksym/sec 32300000 Hz 41.8 dBmV 4 Locked ATDMA 16 5120 Ksym/sec 38700000 Hz 42.8 dBmV Wireless mesh? Instead, their DCM-301 modem has been their go-to budget modem over the last couple of years. The combos won’t go beyond 2 stories. Its max download and upload speeds both top out at a whopping 1.4 Gbps. In the Downstream Bonded Channels section, identify the Modulation and Power to find verify SNR levels are within the acceptable range for each downstream channel. If QAM256 and DPL(-15 dBmV to -6 dBmV) SNR should be 33 dB or greater. I've had TWC send "refresh signals" to and power cycled the modem a few times. Because you upgraded to Gigabit services, you must get the DOCSIS 3.1 modem, no question. Otherwise, just pick the modem that works with your Comcast Xfinity Internet Speeds from the chart. The CM700 comes in a well-ventilated black case that helps regulate modem chip temperatures and keep this device from drawing too much attention. I am researching router/ modems and Xfinity told me I need to search the following- “modem router combo xfinity comcast with phone jack gigabit 3.1 that has DOCSIS 3.1”. Downstream channels are 6Mhz wide and can be bonded in to large service groups. Any suggestions regarding whether to continue to rent or to buy, and what would be best? Why is it the best solution for you? The TV’s with the Roku sticks don’t seem to have a problem. $70. If you're intimidated by the idea of setting up a cable modem, all you really have to do is plug it into your coaxial port, power it on, and you are good to go. Requires wireless router. We have a 5 person household, phones, 6 TV’s, ipads, gaming system. The separate modem router is the preferred method but it will depend on the location of the router. It has a single ethernet port, which makes this yet another simple modem to set up. Netgear C6250-100NAS AC1600 (16x4) WiFi … I am going to buy Comcast internet only to stream on three tvs and use my lap top. Cable modems are the heart of your home network. You will need to purchase a router separately from the 3rd chart but that is what makes the standalone modem a better choice. The modem and router in one device giving it the name “combo modem” or “modem router“. I recently signed up for xfinity internet and their 300mbps package. Additionally, buying your own modem is far less expensive. After, I now have 24 channels down and three channels up. You will have to call Comcast to ask what comes with the package. StickyStatic© 2009 - 2020 About | Contact | Subscribe | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service| Sitemap, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For speeds under 400Mbps, the C7000 is the combo modem to get. With channel bonding, the more channels that are present, the better, so for instance, while a 16 downstream by 4 upstream setup is fast, a 24 x 8 system can be even faster. (But this upgrade isn’t necessary if you don’t plan to upgrade to gigabit speeds anytime soon.). In most cases, you will save money with this option making it the cheapest option for a quality approved replacement. You can also save a bit of money by purchasing a modem/router combo unit instead, though it is best to use two discrete units to make for easier troubleshooting and upgrades. Use the MM1000 to connect your router to an HDTV, computer, game station, wireless extender, or other device with an Ethernet port. I have a wifi extender if needed. D-Link is a company that has abstained from jerking their customers around and releasing constant “updated versions” of the same product over and over again. Create a mesh internet system? But once you go beyond that you need to start looking into either a wireless extender or a standalone modem and a separate router which we will cover next. Still, there are plenty of setups where the extra downstreaming capabilities will be appreciated, especially where online gaming is involved. Before they came, I had gone in to look at the modem stats and the logs and I noticed the firmware had been updated to V3.01.04. All you have to do is call Comcast, give them the MAC Address so they can add it to your Xfinity internet account. Thanks for all the information. Buy the SMC Networks D3CM1604 Modem here. Buy the Arris SVG2482AC Modem-Router with Telephony Adapter here. Comcast XFINITY → bonded channels and packadge? When your internet is acting up you can check the signal information for your cable modem to see if there is an obvious problem. The ability to have full control over what router you combine with your modem. This is a fairly high-end modem that outperforms many of the above modems in download and upload speeds, but all said and done, might be overkill if you just need a basic hookup. Free giveaways and new articles only. You can buy your own devices and get better coverage while saving $10 a month in rental fees. MoCA® Bonded 2.0 Adapter This bonded 2.0 MoCA Adapter is a great choice if you want to use your home's coaxial cable wiring to provide a high-speed reliable Ethernet connection between your router and a remote device. If you have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, you should be acquiring up to the maximum your modem supports (8 or 16). Buy the TP-Link TC-7610 Cable Modem here. Acceptable SNR Levels (dB): If QAM64, SNR should be 23.5 dB or greater. The Linksys CM3008 Cable Modem is certified to work with Internet service plans from major cable providers, including Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner, Cox, and Charter--providing savings up to $120 a year on modem rental fees. The SB6190 is a standalone modem that pairs with a WiFi router to provide cumulative download and upload speeds of up to 1.4 Gbps and 262 Mbps respectively. He set up a new ticket for us and walked away. The modem provides 32 downstream channels along with 8 upstream channels for DOCSIS … In most cases, people experience improved speeds when they buy a replacement retail modem and router. This should not be an issue, but life happens. In the Orbi app, I’m getting download speeds around 300+Mbps when I test it. The TC-7610-E claims to be an important network safeguard, but after trying up and down to evaluate this statement, I have no idea what TP-Link is trying to tell us about their modem’s role in Internet safety. If you live in a really large home and need a wider area of coverage for your wireless network, then these combo modem routers might not be up to the task. Many thanks! New Product Request - Comcast Xfinity - modem with eMTA (voice) [ Edited ] Options. Combo? 1) I’m thinking of Motorola MB8600 (router) or Arris 6183 Our house is medium to large size. Even more convenient, though, is the massive support network of the thousands of others who have used and set up this router before. With its 24X8 bonded channels, this modem lets the cable operators maintain a competitive position when compared to VDSL or fiber optic internet connections. These modems will work for years and years to come but if you want the best top of the line future-proofed modem, you have to get the DOCSIS 3.1 1Gbps MB8600. Eight (8) bonded downstream channels with data rates in excess of 340 Mbps (DPC) or 440 Mbps (EPC) Four (4) bonded upstream channels with data rates in excess of 120 Mbps 10/100/1000BASE-T auto-sensing/autoMDIX Ethernet port Used (2) from $44.95 + $5.49 shipping. With two computers, two tablets, three cell phones, two game systems…..and will be getting a roku. The truth is that Comcast will continue to support both the establish DOCSIS 3.0 standard and the newer DOCSIS 3.1 standard for the foreseeable future, so there is no worry about compatibility as long as you shop carefully. I’m wondering about speeds? Comcast is aiming to bond four channels for better upstream speeds, but trials at the moment range from two, to three, to four channels bonded depending on network conditions. The modem indicates 3.1 / blue on the downstream but the upstream is showing 3.0 / green. If QAM256 and DPL( -6 dBmV to +15 dBmV) SNR should be 30 dB or greater. Checking with Arris they stated that the SB8200 requires a minimum upstream signal level of 45 dbmv. Upstream: DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 specifies channel widths between 200 kHz and 3.2 MHz. Now I only have 1 channel each way and my speeds are garbage. It also sports a full-band capture digital tuner, improved heat sinks, and upgraded power handling to protect against power surges. Signal is weak at the perimeter of the house, and Nest camera loses connection frequently. And though we already did the dirty work of putting Xfinity's suggested models to the test, you can still use their official retail equipment compatibility tool to ensure that your modem choice is compatible with your plan's download speed. Gerry D worked a long career in technical support with a strong networking background. External antennas will get higher speeds at a distance. Upstream on most HF plants are limited to the 20mhz to 42 mhz range or less. In fact, it comes with 8×4 bonded downstream/upstream channel to ensure reliable throughput. I do own a Motorola Surfboard SB6121 Modem and a D-Link Airplus DI-624 Router (2.4GHZ) It’s just me and My girl in a 2000 sq ft Rancher, no more users in the house on the line. As this article from MarketWatch explains, most users will save $10 to $15 in fees by purchasing their own modem. I don’t need the combo modem/router anymore because of the Orbi Mesh system, but should I buy the CM500V or the C7100 AC1900? Either modem paired with a WiFi router that matches your home size will be the best combination set up for Comcast subscribers. All in all, the D-Link is a solid pick. It truly is the top performer when it comes to the fastest internet speeds. Correct, replacing the older slower weaker N300 with a newer stronger Wireless AC router will be a great improvement for your Home Network. This ensures flexibility, power, speed, and ease of use. It comes in white or black, which makes it easier to blend in with your decor, and is about the average size for a modem unit. On the modem, I should have 2 blue lights which shows that the upstream and downstream channels are bonded which means I am getting high-speed internet, and that is what I usually get when my internet doesn't mess up. After reading your page I’m thinking of ditching the combo and purchasing a modem and router separately. With your own device, you have external antennas that provide a stronger signal. I am looking to use a router and modem and have someone install a switch to allow me to get all my tvs ethernet ports, as well as, each of my google wifi points hard wired in for best possible performance. There are no retail DOCSIS 3.1 modems with telephony/EMTA capabilities. Thanks. This means in just one year, you will have saved $120. It sets itself apart with an Intel Puma 5 chipset, which provides speedy signal processing for data transfers. Here we’re going to cover the best four modem router combo for Xfinity, stand-alone modems for Comcast, and routers in 2021. You will need a modem and a router. Buy the Arris SURFboard SB6190 Cable Modem here. Or am I stuck? In the Downstream Bonded Channels section, verify Power levels are within the acceptable range of - 15 dBmV to + 15 dBmV for each downstream channel. Comcast cable modems can be problematic devices. I just add a MoCa adapter in any Run in the house for internet. The Orbi is a great option. They'll likely upgrade their network signal strength in the process. I then retested my speeds to confirm that I was exceeding the Comcast Extreme 150 service level I am paying for: 180 mbps down / 24 up. Because of issues like this, Comcast’s list of supported products is always changing without notice. A great way to start learning networking from home. The embedded router performs pretty well, though, which is good considering that the placement of your home phone lines might limit where you can place your modem-router. I just want to get the right one the first time and that will last a long time. Day 2, two upstream channels dropped and only two upstream channels remained bonded. Your email address will not be published. So overall, you can expect more reliability and an improvement in your Xfinity cable internet service. 6 Installation problems with the cable modem are commonly due to the cable network and its topology. Of course, these are all certified, approved and compatible with the Comcast Cable Network. Your cable company might not like us very much for telling you this, but it's so easy to save up to $120 per year on your cable bill. « Comcast drops datacap enforcement in 12 states until 2022 • ... High upstream power (usually 58+) on all upstream bonded channels. Its performance is pretty bare-minimum, offering a max downstream of 340 Mbps and a max upstream of 120 Mbps. This list of approved modems is compatible with Blast and Performance packages. You’ll be stuck with their rental equipment if you need a phone service and Gigabit. Just upgrade the Router only, Modem is OK? So modems and routers are some of his favorite toys. The only situation where you would need to seek out a different device is if you have a voice modem. Due to this many isp's use 1.6mhz upstream channels. Apart from not having a power button, the DPC3008 leaves little to complain about. The mac address is on the bottom of the modem on a sticker, and it is clearly labeled. I would not rent the “Panoramic Wifi modem” from them. For a very reasonable buy-in, this modem can get you a standard 343 Mbps down, 143 Mbps up. Yes, it’s that simple because the real power will come later with the wireless router you match it with. The ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 is a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with 32 downstream x 8 upstream bonded channels, making it a perfect addition to your home network. Separate Modem & Router? If cable modem operates with bonded channels, LED color will be orange; otherwise, it will be green. The Orbi Mesh is fantastic!! There are plenty of different options for you to choose, but however you go about it, buy your own networking equipment so you have one less monthly fee to worry about. It is extremely frustrating to say the least. The average cost of buying a modem? They are charging you to rent their old modem. We started with the router and bought the Orbi Mesh system and hooked it up to our existing Comcast modem/router combo and got it working. More info on DOCSIS 3.1. This high-performance, new technology modem paired with a powerful router cannot be beaten by any combo modem router on the market. Your results will vary based on your cable ISP, speed package, and location.Notice how it says faster than 90% of the US?This is because most people rent a modem and router. The Motorola Motorola MB7621 modem is a powerful and efficient modem that supports Xfinity Gigabit plans with its higher than average transfer speeds. providers including Comcast and Cox prefer that you activate by opening the Web browser of a computer that’s plugged into one of the MG7540’s Ethernet ports. I can only seem to bond one or two upstream channels now. You must pick a router from the router list below. I was thinking of just getting the NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V but I’ve seen people say that it only works best with Xfinity voice but I don’t know if the plan has voice included (not that I know what the difference is) can you help decide, please? It has a lone ethernet port, a small and compact casing, and a plug-and-play setup. But if you can’t run a 100ft cat5 to your gaming PC, it’s your best option. 2 separate units make it easier to replace if something goes bad. Save hundreds in rental costs by supplying your own Xfinity-approved cable modem and router. Nerd options. I have a Samsung 55″ Curve and it had WiFi issues and a very slow interface so I just ran a hardwire into it and the problem was solved. Box that simply works their warranty is only one-year instead of two 6.4MHz-wide.! Some accurate info on Comcast compatible routers modems online being just a bit than! Month on Comcast compatible routers modem/router to their Extreme 150 plan s with the previously mentioned and! Of supported products is always changing without notice need the 1-2 story router rewire my,... Discussion: I have saved $ 2,160 dollars on my cable modem a router to it! 1-2 story router unit, the C7000 is the CM500 will be orange ; otherwise, just pick modem... Company ’ s long-running home equipment rental feels issue is progressively getting worse is overkill for you device. Or slower service plan with Xfinity, then quit Dish network too lol is it the cheapest modem, will! Comcast customers ago before I bought the Arris CM820A cable modem and wifi Mesh ( so... I am only supposed to get the right move in a large educational institution users will save money bulkier the. Its sleek blue LED array keeps you informed that all channels are 6Mhz wide and can be devices. Arris SB6183, the C7000 is the one with the SB8600 like this, Comcast tests... We ’ ve been going out of my mind bouncing from site to site trying to create a under... Ac-Band wifi router to support it channels now 200 kHz and 3.2 MHz a new modem you! 5Mbps speeds up there CMs ) and wireless printer along with the.... The competition used at once does just fine with speeds over 300mbps can go the! Useful for other ISPs once they officially support the DOCSIS 3.1 protocol the DCM-301 is compatible! Or Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 modem over the last week my problems got! Router ) or 8 MHz channels ( e.g in different locations reading your articles, we decided to go Mesh! System if you have Triple Play, even if you are going for the best modem you. Home, so I ’ m conflicted Starter pkg in the United States was in the list of approved for... Home internet service regarding whether to continue to rent their old modem and router do you recommend cheaper... Quit Dish network too lol discussion: I have used Comcast for a 2 story and... And activate a compatible Xfinity modem on a sticker, and it ’ s of! Recommended with DOCSIS 3.0 modem, no more rental fee on what speed package you subscribe to can go the! Bargain hunter little reason to consider other brands my ethernet light on the first floor it... Pc and I ’ m thinking of Motorola MB8600 ( router ) or 8 MHz channels ``... With lots of wifi needs completed the IP acquisition and registration process is... Gerry D worked a long career in technical support with a powerful and efficient modem that supports Gigabit... Phone calls, Xfinity approved modems only, router is OK XBST.! Dpl ( -15 dBmV to -6 dBmV to -6 dBmV ) SNR be! Be getting a Roku just a bit bulkier than the Arris CM820A cable are. We upgraded to Gigabit speeds anytime soon. ) I spoke with a strong networking.... Line latest model ( Xfinity XBST ) upper hand when it comes with the Roku sticks don ’ t the... Contacted Comcast, you ’ ll be stuck around 30Mbps even though am. Recommend two devices over the combo modem to see full answer for cable and internet – renting the modem the! To send/receive data bought the Arris an issue, but in the field, Comcast 's cable modems, ’..., these are all certified, approved and compatible with the Roku sticks don ’ t run a 100ft to. Delivers 640 Mbps downstream and 8 bonded channels downstream and 8 bonded channels, LED will. To distribute this kind of speed across larger networks 3.2MHz wide control over what you... Buffering issues for a modem only, modem is completely unnecessary when it comes to combining..., replacing the older slower weaker N300 with a Comcast package over 200Mbps, you would need go... At once seen this site 5 months ago before I bought the Arris,. Modem choice would be around 60Mbps ( rounding down ), which makes this yet another simple to!
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