Project Description

There was a lot to fit into this logo! The client, an interior designer and home-staging professional for realtors, wanted both aspects of her business, and also the two tag lines to be included into the logo, as well as the business name “Design Rewind” which the client had already trademarked. The client also wanted a modern, concise logo.

With a “less in more philosophy,” sometimes simple lines and clean typography is the best way to balance all of the many elements that had to combine into this logo. The many requirements were streamlined and tied together with a clever-looking concept, which embodied both the “Staging to Sell” and “Design to Dwell” aspects of the business. Color was used to unify the total logo as an icon and both tie in and break up the type. Some days it just comes together, and this is one of those logos that we think has it all, while minimizing the busy amount of elements cottoned within.