Project Description

Working with a client who turns his passion into a business is a pure pleasure! And when that client entrusts us with their hopes and dreams of how that new business can be represented, we deliver.  This new business identity began with the logo. The combination of the clean shapes of the halo and dessert plate, paired with a classic all-caps font, and then a touch of a little fanciness in the script, suited this upscale dessert business. The icons of halo and stylized dessert plate are just enough to suggest what the business is about. The simple two-color palette is a balanced mix which somehow imparts the sweetness of desserts.

Next, for the business cards, we started with a non-standard shape, an elongated card sure to stand out. The paper chosen was a super-heavyweight creamy tone with a rich hand-feel, which instantly communicates taste level and class. The halo and plate motifs are used, sparingly, and turned in unexpected ways to use different aspects of the card. A fine pinstripe was designed for background detail, which also became an icon used throughout the identity set. To mix it up a bit, the three different printing ink colors were used for the main color blocks of each card, presenting a variation for the principal players. A printed backside tied in the details and provided room for more information.

Other pieces include letterhead, business-size envelope, and dessert box stickers with write-in area in two sizes. We continued with comment cards, advertisements, a catering brochure, a wedding brochure, signage, and much more to create a full package of branding elements for this fine shop.