Project Description

The logo was first created for an importer and seller of fine French furniture.  The primary form of the illustrative icon is evocative of both a fleur-de-lis and also the detail and richness of the furniture itself. The type treatment suggests the formality, age, and class of the product.

The business card was created to continue the elegant identity established. To impart the richness of the furniture, a gold foil accent was designed and embossed with a raised relief on the substantial, heavyweight creamy stock. Advertisement utilized many of the same iconography created.

Website followed utilizing the motifs established, including a full range of product within the space. The site further established the brand with its classic and rich elegance. Showing pieces of product became the challenge, as photographs were taken in various locations and lighting. Hence, much digital image editing took place, isolating each piece of furniture from its background, changing levels and color correcting, and then placing in a digitally created room, and adding realistic shadows.