Project Description

This upscale fitness business’ name had a triple meaning: it’s called Cadillac not only to mean top-of-the-line, but also because one of the signature pieces of pilates equipment is called “the cadillac”, and this studio’s one just happened to be pink! We thought the logo should reflect all of those meanings; and added to that, an actual pilates body pose was combined with the shape of the car company’s emblem. Somehow all these elements combine beautifully in a clean, concise, and unique logo.

The identity package is further defined by color palette in easily-identifiable pink, the swirl motif used on the business cards and signage, and the Pink Cadillac script watermark. Pieces include letterhead and envelope, business card with a back side, class card, promotional posters and coordinating offer card, signage, and flyers. Offset-printed items were economically produced using only a one-color design (pink! and shades thereof), while the business card featured a heavyweight 11o lb. cover stock to instantly communicate quality with its hand-feel.