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This Is A Custom Widget

This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.



The stuff design dreams are made of – creating an updated identity for a luxury skin care line. Custom logo was created, fusing the initial “M” with a tribal sensibility evocative of its Aztec inspiration. The chocolatey brown tone suggests the much beloved sauce of the same name. Packaging design to evolve out of the […]

Fix My Blind Spot app logo

Custom logo created for new social media app “Fix My Blind Spot”, an app aimed at high-school-age students to compare their evaluations of themselves with those of their peers with the aim of normalizing and creating confidence in self-perception.

The developed logo encapsulates the idea of the merging of views of different people into one consolidated view of a […]

Curious Creek Fibers


We are so excited when we get to craft an identity for a new small business from the beginning, and are trusted to continue to expand the brand through various media. It’s a true privilege to help an artist to successfully launch a new business that really is her passion. We started with creating the […]

Design Rewind

There was a lot to fit into this logo! The client, an interior designer and home-staging professional for realtors, wanted both aspects of her business, and also the two tag lines to be included into the logo, as well as the business name “Design Rewind” which the client had already trademarked. The client also wanted a modern, concise […]

IXM logo

Custom logo created for clothing brand, specifically the label. Needed logo to be embroidery-friendly, cost-effective color palette, and impactful but streamlined design.

Reppart Family Dental


The foundation of this identity system, of course, is its iconic, modern logo, with the tagline coined by Pantages Studios. The client, a dentist of many years with a thriving family practice, wanted a fresh take on his branding, while still appealing to his market. On his questionnaire, he stated he didn’t want the “same old tooth […]

Heaven Sent Desserts


Working with a client who turns his passion into a business is a pure pleasure! And when that client entrusts us with their hopes and dreams of how that new business can be represented, we deliver.  This new business identity began with the logo. The combination of the clean shapes of the halo and dessert plate, paired […]

Wallflower Decorative Paint & Finishes

This logo was created for an emerging high-end decorative paint and finishes business. The owner’s input included wanting a flower as a visual motif, but not in a trite way or overly feminine. A solution reached was this elegant type treatment with a flower included as part of the metaphor of rich painted artistry coming […]

The Original Kozy Kittysitter

This logo was created for the new invention/product of a cat lover and engineer. Owner Lee Hazer began manufacturing a kitty “safe” structure to protect an outdoor cat from predators. This logo speaks to the protection aspect of the product, as well as visually communicating the feline focus, and combines them with a bold typeface. It […]


The AquaFuse logo was first in system of logos for the CMF Global line of products. For this logo, created for their main proprietary product, an HDPE water piping system, the client requested a corporate look with visible clues suggesting water. The client specifically requested using the same logo form, with different wording for their […]

Kate’s Garden Design & Services


This logo was created for a small business specializing in sustainable garden design and landscaping. The owner requested a clean, yet illustrative logo. A particular challenge in designing this logo was the wordy nature of the  business name; the use of color and typography arrangement aided in creating a balanced and unified solution. The leaf illustration […]

Pink Cadillac Pilates


This upscale fitness business’ name had a triple meaning: it’s called Cadillac not only to mean top-of-the-line, but also because one of the signature pieces of pilates equipment is called “the cadillac”, and this studio’s one just happened to be pink! We thought the logo should reflect all of those meanings; and added to that, an actual […]

Renovative Resource

This logo was created for a new business concept, a support bridge for DIY home-renovators who want to achieve professional results. The client asked for a logo that would have a masculine feel and echo high-end fixtures and appliances. The illustration portion of the logo subtly incorporates the business name’s initials “RR”, while blending them in a […]

Professional Development Academy

This logo system was designed as the foundation of the identity system for the Professional Development Academy, a resource of the San Diego County Community College District, which was part of 8 different colleges. The Academy was established to provide training in a variety of disciplines, and the logo had to reflect that, and also be […]

Bravana logo design

This logo was created for a new lifestyle fashion brand, Bravana, a startup catalog for lingerie and clothing for DD+ sized women. The company asked that their logo be evocative of the “curvy” nature of their clientele, while still maintaining a classy, corporate look. The logo was not to be suggestive or brash in any way. Both […]

L4 Technology, Inc.


This IT specialty client requested an i.d. which would not only fit into his high-tech industry, but also set him apart from the crowded field. Using just a two-color palette, first the logo was crafted, using the negative space between the two blocks of different blue hues to create bold, clean letterforms of L and 4. […]


This logo was created for a pair of interior designers who happened to be twins. They requested that the logo speak of their specialty: interior design for yachts and other maritime designs.  Palm graphic was created for this logo, and typeface was custom altered for this treatment.

Global Produce Solutions

Pantages Studios created this logo for an importer of produce, primarily from Mexico. The client wanted to have a visual tie-in to produce and also wanted to emphasize the speed of their delivery system. They also wanted to see a visual component of the “Global” part of their name. In their questionnaire, they mentioned, “It […]



This logo was custom-created for a new importing business of quality soft goods from global locales. The business owner requested a logo that spoke of importing and had old-world charm. Pantages Studios further enhanced this idea by making the logo evocative of an old stamp or engraving, but of course in our own graphic style. […]

Green Art Labs


This business identity is all about creativity, with a professional, unified appearance across all media.

The logo was created for Green Art Labs, a creative re-use art studio, teaching art classes for children and adults. While both designer and the owner had many different thoughts on what the logo might look like, we worked together in tandem to both brainstorm […]

Cozy Nap

Logo for a new product – created by a mom and inventor who realized the need for a self-enclosed nap kit when her little one started preschool. Kit includes a pillow and blanket which folds into itself forming a neat, compact package. The client asked for the logo style to be true to the kid-nature of […]

Paul Olivier


The logo was first created for an importer and seller of fine French furniture.  The primary form of the illustrative icon is evocative of both a fleur-de-lis and also the detail and richness of the furniture itself. The type treatment suggests the formality, age, and class of the product.

The business card was created to continue […]